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Connect with fellow Illini for networking, game watches, special events, and most of all fun. The LA Illini Club is bringing alumni together in Los Angeles and invites you to be part of it.

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Welcome LA Illini!

Greetings and welcome to the home for the LA Illini Club—the hub for alumni, students, family, and friends of the University of Illinois in the Los Angeles area from the valley to the beach.

Scroll down to view deals, photos, social media posts, and even listen to Illini school songs. Also, check out our the Friends of the Club area to connect with all of our supporters as well.

Membership to the LA Illini Club is FREE.  Just add your name and email address to our email list to be a club member and get emails about news, events, special discounts for members of the club. You won’t want to be left out of Illini club activities, and invitations from our partner alumni club the Big Ten Club of Southern California.

The LA Illini Club is affiliated but not supported by the UIAA, and fellow Illini may not know about the club here in Los Angeles. Help us grow by telling friends and co-workers the Illini are in LA and we can create an Illini network for members to connect for fun, employment, moving to LA and much more. #LAIllini

Volunteers Needed – We are looking for people to help with the club to keep it going. If you are interested, email clubleader@laillini.com.

See you at an event or game watch soon.  GO ILLINI!


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Need A NEW Coffee Mug? 

Get an LA Beaches stainless steel travel mug at one of our game watches.

Suggested $10 donation for the club.


Big Ten Club Events
Big Ten Events

Big Ten Club Events

Josh Whitman in LA
Big Ten Events

Josh Whitman in LA

Lovie Smith in LA
Big Ten Events

Lovie Smith in LA

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Illini in LA

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Illini Song Center

You Don’t Have to Search Anymore.

Oskee Wow Wow  

Hail to the Orange  

We’re Loyal to You  

Illinois Entrance Fanfare  

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