2019 Bracket Challenges
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Big Ten Bracket Challenge 

LA ILLINI Challenge


This year we are using a new game pool hosting platform by Balto.

Both pools are FREE to play and you can be part of both the LA Illini pool and the Big Ten Club pool. 

The winner in the Big Ten Club Bracket Challenge wins $25 and complimentary membership for 1-year.
The LA ILLINI Challenge winner gets Braggin’ rights and one more chance to win the Balto prizes.

Balto Pool Prizes

  • $100,000 if you get a perfect bracket
  • $1000 for the top bracket/winner on the site
  • $5000 bonus to our club if the winner is in our the pool

You can enter the Both Bracket Challenges now until tip-off of the first game on March 21st.

Brackets are available now!

There are tons of alumni groups and companies playing on the site. Let’s have some fun and see who can bring home the bragging rights! 


Scoring works in the following manner for each correct (winning) pick:

FIRST ROUND  – 1 point

ROUND OF 32  –  2 points

SWEET 16  –  4 points

ELITE 8  –  8 points

FINAL 4  –  16 points

CHAMPIONSHIP  –  32 points

Perfect Score = 192

How to win: Person with the highest ‘total’ score after the championship game will be ‘dubbed’ the winner.

The person with the highest score on the Balto site will be eligible for cash prizes ($100k for a perfect bracket or $1000 for best bracket)